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Luke or Poop, which stinks more?

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Luke [33] 
Poop [8] 
Tie [14]

Luke or Poop, which stinks more? 
Author: uberzev 
Posted: 01/20 12:30 AM 

Author: LakersFanESS 
Posted: 01/20 12:32 AM 
Luke, hands down.

Author: JimmyPage 
Posted: 01/20 12:32 AM 
As much as Luke is a limited player...there is no situation where he ought to be guarding Kenny Thomas.

Author: FarmartoAfflalo 
Posted: 01/20 12:41 AM 
Don't disrespect poop. At least Sacramento fans won't yell at poop to shoot some jumpers.

Author: tgf5 
Posted: 01/20 1:06 AM 
at tie.

Author: DancingBarry 
Posted: 01/20 1:13 AM 
Is it Luke's poop?

Author: uberzev 
Posted: 01/20 1:14 AM 
DancingBarry wrote:
Is it Luke's poop?
That's too profound of a question to answer at this hour.

Author: sodapoppenski 
Posted: 01/20 1:20 AM 
Kobe's poop smells like roses.

Author: dirka dirka 
Posted: 01/20 1:22 AM 
Luke in a landslide...

Author: tgf5 
Posted: 01/20 2:07 AM 
Why does Luke suck more and more every year? Did he hit his prime in his rookie year or something?

Author: epak 
Posted: 01/20 2:09 AM 
Does he actually think he can make a jump shot? I dont get it. He should never shoot anything outside the paint, and even that's scary. Why would he shoot when he has freaking Kobe to pass to. His basketball IQ is highly overrated. And he stinks most.

Author: 62 
Posted: 01/20 2:11 AM 
sodapoppenski wrote:
Kobe's poop smells like roses.

Really? Did OdomX2 tell you that?


Author: MrLaker83 
Posted: 01/20 2:16 AM 
Wow i hate how everytime one of our role players has a bad game everyone has to bash on them! I mean luke isnt even our best bench player on a weak bench! He is a young player and he is going to make mistakes! Yes he missed some wide open shots but he's not a scorer, he was overmatched on defense but he's not known for his defense either! The guy is a playmaker and that is why he was put in the game. With odom out, who else did phil have? It should have never come to that in the first place!

Author: golden1 
Posted: 01/20 7:10 AM 
Luke got used and abused on defense, on top of that he kept shooting and missing. Luke stinks!!

Author: bmk 
Posted: 01/20 7:17 AM 
MrLaker83 wrote:
Yes he missed some wide open shots but he's not a scorer, he was overmatched on defense but he's not known for his defense either!

And you wonder why everyone hates on him?

This "playmaker" had exactly 0 assists tonight, btw.

The Kings fans were yelling for him to shoot the ball. It doesn't get any worse than that.

Author: Flight 
Posted: 01/20 7:18 AM 
I'm sick of Luke.

I'd rather eat my own poop than have Phil put him in the game.

Author: jack13 
Posted: 01/20 7:50 AM 
That fool is been hurting us for long time..everytime he comes out of the bench and he makes me nervous

Author: El Ocho 
Posted: 01/20 9:01 AM 
why was he gaurding kenny thomas. he made thomas look like a top 50 player. layup drills. insane.

Author: Big Fat Azz2 
Posted: 01/20 9:14 AM 
JimmyPage wrote:
As much as Luke is a limited player...there is no situation where he ought to be guarding Kenny Thomas.

WTF!!! Kenny Thomas was their worst player on the floor (I know he got a triple double). They had Bibby, Garcia, Rahim, and Miller. I never even heard of him. You are acting like he is a all star. But you are right, he shouldn't be guarding Kenny Thomas, he should be sitting next to Shaw.

Posted: 01/20 9:19 AM 
Luke Walton when his jump shot is falling can really contribute to this team, but the problem is...this team is still lacking legitamite big men. I wonder if Kupchak has considered dealing for Dan Gadzuric. 8)

Author: senator kobe 
Posted: 01/20 9:23 AM 
I'm gonna give partial blame to Phill for last nights performance.

Luke had no business guarding Kenny in the low post.
After the first two consecitive baskets Phill should've switched in Cook, a longer body.
Heck, even throw in Bynum. That single weakness at the post defense cost us about 9 points.
Not to mention Walton's inability to hit a jump shot on the other end.

Last nights game really hurt...

Author: TheBigRuski 
Posted: 01/20 2:47 PM 
Luke must be smoking his dad's poop!

Author: insidepresence 
Posted: 01/20 2:51 PM 
TheBigRuski wrote:
Luke must be smoking his dad's poop!

I bet he could actually get high off of it considering all the drugs his dad has smoked...imagine that...poop laced with THC...

Author: vvbandit 
Posted: 01/20 3:27 PM 
Lukes lack of an outside shot is borderline pathetic. How can anybody who has such a horrible shot be in the NBA, and its not likes hes a big man. I understand hes a good passer and he understands the tri, but make his butt a coach then b/c hes really not helping out on the court. The scouting report is out on this guy, he cant shoot, cant defend, can pass. I also cant understand any of the fans that chant this guys name at the game, He starting to look like a token player IMO.

Author: KoolMo 
Posted: 01/20 3:46 PM 
FarmartoAfflalo wrote:
Don't disrespect poop...

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