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Kobe dominates CSULB summer league in 1996

Kobe dominates CSULB summer league in 1996 
Author: Huey Lewis & The News 
Posted: 02/01 5:01 AM

Author: jonnybravo 
Posted: 02/02 11:22 AM 
Was at that game. It was the second Summer League game that year IIRC.

Wow, I don't remember seeing cameras at the venue. The entire vibe was like a regular pickup game. People were just milling about. 5 bucks got me in and we started shimmying closer and closer to court side as the afternoon went on.

Author: unleasHell 
Posted: 02/04 11:58 AM 
I can't recall which games I was at, but I went to see Kobe in several games at the Pyramid when he was a rookie... I lived like 5 minutes away at the time and the Pyramid is/was an awesome place to watch games, all the seats were pretty darn good..!

Author: Peppe89 
Posted: 06/16 11:34 PM 
Great find.

Kobe had such developed skills at a young age. Way more advanced and well-rounded than most of the kids we've seen since, even those who came out of college. You could clearly tell he had the potential to be an all-time great. If only he had developed a more conservative approach like that to shooting the ball, he could've have been a slightly more efficient player. But then again.. Kobe wouldn't be Kobe, and hero-ball wouldn't be a thing lol. To Go | NBA Summer League