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Thoughts on 2020 draft? Where does Ball end up?

Thoughts on 2020 draft? Where does Ball end up? 
Author: h2omike 
Posted: 08/21 2:04 PM 
Minnesota gets first pick and with DLO, Ball probably doesn’t fit. Ditto in Golden State with Curry. Ball slips to #3 with the Hornets?

Author: Baron Von Humongous 
Posted: 08/21 3:14 PM 
I'd take him #1 overall, DLo be damned, but my guess would be a team - the Knicks - trades up to #2 to take him.


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2020 #2
Andrew Wiggins

Author: Mike@LG 
Posted: 08/21 5:38 PM 
If he's BPA, he should be #1. Even in Minny.

DLO would love off ball touches.

Or trade the house for Booker and get the Super Friends together.

Author: h2omike 
Posted: 08/21 8:29 PM 
NY might be a great landing spot for Him, but I doubt the Bricks have the assets to get Ball. But Lonzo might be a good landing spot with the Knicks.

Author: unleasHell 
Posted: 08/22 4:37 PM 
Ball & DLO should be fine together........offensively!

Author: Baron Von Humongous 
Posted: 08/24 7:53 PM 
unleasHell wrote:
Ball & DLO should be fine together........offensively!

Realistically if Minny selects Ball, he's there to be DLo's replacement 3-4 years down the line (KAT likely demands a trade by then).

It's a really rough year for them to get the #1 pick since most of the projected top picks don't fit with that roster - Hayes is ball dominant and DLo-esque athletically, Ball and Edwards may never defend, they want to play 5-out so Wiseman and Okongwu don't work next to Towns, Okoro and Avdija may never shoot and the Wolves already have two defensive wings with garbage jumpers in Culver and Okogie, etc.

It's bad optics, but if I were them I would trade back with the Knicks just to get their 2021 #1 and then target Vassell, Patrick Williams, and/or Poku at #8/16.

Author: Mike@LG 
Posted: 08/24 7:54 PM 
^What he said.

If KG and company tries to buy the team, maybe they want a player that draws attention to the franchise?

Author: Mike@LG 
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