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Log-In Issue

Log-In Issue 
Author: Aeneas Hunter 
Posted: 07/27 4:47 PM 
Yesterday, I updated the e-mail address in my profile. I had discovered that e-mails from the board (private message notifications) were going to an old address that I hadn’t used in years. Anyway, after updating the e-mail address, I got a message to the effect that I would be getting an e-mail to effectuate the change. I never got the e-mail. Yes, I checked the spam folder.

Now I cannot log into the board from my regular computers. It just sends me to, and nothing happens. I just get a blank screen. I tried another browser, and got the same result.

Weirdly, this problem does not affect my iPad. That’s how I am able to post this. What do I need to do to resolve the problem?

Author: DancingBarry 
Posted: 07/27 4:55 PM 
See if you can log in now.

Author: Aeneas Hunter 
Posted: 07/27 4:57 PM 
It looks good now, thanks. To Go | User Feedback / Report a Bug