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Effects of new Wilson ball

Effects of new Wilson ball 
Author: slavavov 
Posted: 11/24 6:20 AM 
I've heard that a few players (like I think Melo) say that the new Wilson ball they're using this season feels different, and that they're having some trouble adjusting to its feel and texture.

Scoring around the NBA is down so far this season, from 110-112 a game the past few seasons to about 107 this season. Yes, FT attempts are down a bit because of the new rule that targets guys like Harden, but so are shooting percentages.

I wonder if the drop in shooting percentages is because of the new ball, or simply because it's early in the season.

Author: C M B 
Posted: 12/03 9:39 PM 
I didn't know that the NBA went away from Spalding this year until I searched for one of the official game Spaldings as a gift. I bought mine for $120 a couple of years ago. The Wilson balls are only sold on for $200. Jeeeezus, no thanks. To Go | General Basketball Discussion