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B.J. Armstrong Puts Kobe in Top 5 All-Time, and Other Laker Props

B.J. Armstrong Puts Kobe in Top 5 All-Time, and Other Laker Props 
Author: J.C. Smith 
Posted: 04/27 2:15 PM 
For those who don't have insider access, B.J. Armstrong was in chat today on ESPN's web site and gave a number of Laker props....

Matt (Des Moines, IA): Who are your top 5 greatest players of all time in the NBA?

B.J. Armstrong: Wow. There has been so many wonderful players. But in no particular order, Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Magic and Kobe Bryant.

Note: 4 of the 5 are ex-Lakers.

jon B. Penn: Hey B.j, what is your prediction on the Lakers-pheonix series? after last night's game, can and will it go to seven games?

B.J. Armstrong: The Lakers in 6! The Lakers are playing with a lot of confidence for the seventh seed. It will be interesting to see their response in Game 3. But their leader has shown a level of confidence that will not allow any slippage at home. They have a plan.

Kevin (NY): hey B.J., how do you feel about Nash winning his second MVP over Kobe???

B.J. Armstrong: It's very interesting, the criteria of a most valuable player. But in order to understand the game, you have to have been in the game. As a former player, when you start evaluating the MVP in a league, there's only one thing to consider - the best. There's nothing about making your teammates better, just the best. Let's hope that 10 years from now we don't look back and see that we didn't give the best player the MVP, which is Kobe Bryant, because of some rhetoric and hype. To Go | LA Lakers Lounge