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how do nba players get paid?

how do nba players get paid? 
Author: beastmaster 
Posted: 07/12 9:39 AM 
does anyone know how nba players receive their millions of dollars per year? do they get paid in monthly installments? bi-weekly installments? I'm just curious how they get their $$$.

Author: chef 
Posted: 07/12 9:44 AM 
I think they get a lump sum + 10 installments per year. Something like that.

Author: Socks 
Posted: 07/12 11:07 AM 
I think it depends on the structure. Bonuses get paid in a lump sum. So if you get a $1M signing bonus for instance, I think you just get that up front.

The annual salary most likely gets paid in installments - so monthly or bi-weekly or whatever. Of course, I'm purely guessing.

Author: orwell 
Posted: 07/12 3:04 PM 
Hopefully via direct deposit.

Author: SenorJefe 
Posted: 07/12 6:13 PM 
small bills

Author: Polish_Bastard 
Posted: 07/13 2:07 AM 
I think the normal procedure are biweekly instalments. But it depends, deals can be frontloaded with a lot of money paid upfront and then prorated for the remaining years of the deal. That's what teams trying to sign away restricted free agents do.

Author: thegreatest 
Posted: 07/13 8:29 AM 
it depends on the contract.

i know some get like 80% (something like that) of their annual contract, at the start of the season.

i am pretty sure the player can decide how they want it. ( start of season, monthly, weekly)

player still get paid if they are cut, so it doesn't matter.

Author: PNWlakers 
Posted: 07/13 11:58 AM 
SenorJefe wrote:
small bills

and unmarked...

and on a side name is eljefe on every board/forum i am apart of execpt this one....

Author: KingKobe20 
Posted: 07/15 10:58 AM 
I'm guessin' direct deposit.

Author: Kobe8LG 
Posted: 07/15 8:36 PM 
They get a visa giftcard every month!

Author: Jesseca328 
Posted: 07/16 12:36 AM 
Like Ray Charles all in $1 BillsSS!!!

Author: vandido626 
Posted: 07/16 12:41 AM 
They get paid in cars in bling

Author: LaLakers999 
Posted: 07/16 6:40 PM 
under the table

Author: ramy002 
Posted: 07/17 10:23 PM 
Does anybody know what the per diem allowance is these days? I remember reading in Magic Johnson's autobiography they received about $40 a day back then.

Author: ShadyG 
Posted: 07/18 12:47 PM 
L.A. Times writeup on Pinnock mentioned $100/day

Author: 10scott10 
Posted: 07/18 7:13 PM 
non-secuntial $100 bills. in a suitcase. that has a handcuff on the handle. To Go | Off Topic