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What is your FAVORITE BEER? Your FAVORITE DRINK at a bar?

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What is your FAVORITE BEER? Your FAVORITE DRINK at a bar? 
Author: SirRunnethOfSoCal 
Posted: 07/29 11:41 AM 
My favorite beer comes down to Hefeweizen and/or Coors Light.

I don't know why, but I've always thought Coronas were a bit overrated. And Samuel Adams don't taste very well. I tried to force myself to like their Summer Ale but it just didn't work.

I also like this stuff called Hornsby's. They taste just like apple juice. And by no means they're wine coolers. I think they're like 6%. I get them in 6-packs at Vons.

As far as drinks at bars, I just go with a scotch and coke. I'll try something new once in a while but this combo just works for me, as far as getting to that perfect "buzz" zone.

What are your favorite beers? Drinks?

Author: prisma8slg 
Posted: 07/29 1:31 PM 
not a beer drinker. as for drink - I love a good whiskey sour.

Author: rchanou 
Posted: 07/29 2:21 PM 
Beer - Sam Adams
Well Drink - Kettle/Tonic

Author: chef 
Posted: 07/29 2:47 PM 
Beer- Hoeegarden

Drink- Maker's Mark & Coke

Author: ocho 
Posted: 07/29 3:01 PM 
whiskey on ice.

Author: Free_Kobe 
Posted: 07/29 4:11 PM 
There might be a few Beer threads already but who cares... who doesnt love beer!
Mississippi Mud
Lost Coast Great White
Kona Longboard
Blue Moon
Stone IPA
Bass Ale
Killian's Irish Red
Pabst Blue Ribbon and Lucky Lager

Hard Drinks: AMFs

Author: Teamof2000 
Posted: 07/29 6:21 PM 
I rarely get mixed drinks. I keep it simple.

Whiskey and beer.

I like irish whiskeys and single malt scotch. Type of beer depends on my mood and budget. My favorite style is India Pale Ale (IPA). But I've had, and enjoyed, just about everything under the sun.

If I'm at a bar and want to get buzzed very quickly, I will order a couple rounds beer+whiskey (not mixed together), aka a boiler maker.

I usually I subscribe to the "When in Rome" philosophy of drinking. When I am at an establishment with a certain aesthetic (mexican restaurant, white trash bar, irish pub, snooty cocktail lounge, sushi restaurant, blue collar bar, dance club) I will pick a drink that matches that aesthetic. Pabst Blue Ribbon at the working man's bar, negro modelo at the mexican place, etc.

However, there are some bars I frequent where I will always get the same thing because the drink has become inseperable with the establishment. For example, I always go to this one bar for happy hour and will only order Tiger beer. Another bar I will only order PBR. And another, only cans of Tecate.

So, it really depends on the establishment. If I'm by myself in my house I usually have some cheap stuff in the fridge, but also try to have a sixer or two of quality beer as well.

Author: Ko8e8ryant 
Posted: 07/30 12:56 AM 


Paliner Hef



Blue Moon


Vodka Tonic

Vodka Cran

Jack and Coke


Irish Carbombs!!!

Author: Inglewood_Laker Fan_310 
Posted: 07/30 6:12 AM 
i am way to young for this
but my favorite beer is Corona

Author: frijolero01 
Posted: 07/30 6:47 PM 
Dos Equis

If I'm feeling a little fruity, or I'm on a date w/ the fiancee, I'll have some red wine or a Long Island Ice Tea

Author: TNLakersFanInLA 
Posted: 07/30 11:42 PM 
Amstel or Grolsh

Jack Daniels

Author: TheGOATWears#24 
Posted: 07/31 3:08 AM 
Hef, Stella Artois, Sam Adams
Cranberry/Vodka, Jack/Coke, Remy Red/Coke

Author: dna. 
Posted: 07/31 2:07 PM 

I'll drink most anything, but if possible usually prefer:

Guinness, Boddingtons
Molson Canadian, Dos Equis


Jack (straight or with Coke)
Liquid Cocaine shots

Author: easybreeze 
Posted: 08/01 12:06 AM 
Stella Artois....what a good tasting beer cold. I stopped buying beer well over ten years again . I tried it for the first time 3 weeks ago.

Guiness has alway been a first choice ordering out.

Author: brutella 
Posted: 08/01 6:31 AM 
Blue Moon/New Castle/Hef/Hoe Gaarden

Goose + whatever goes with it....

Patron with pineapple back...

Author: Omar Little 
Posted: 08/01 9:15 PM 
I vary on the beer. Everything from Mac&Jacks to Heineken, to Guiness (love a black and tan) to micro brews. Just no Bud, Coors, Miller etc. (and Corona is the Mexican equivalent of Bud)

In a bar, it depends on the season: Summer is Tanq and tonic or mojito, winter is more single malt scotch ore the aforementioned black and tan.

A good Syrah/ Shiraz or Pinot Noir is a good substitute for beer or mixed drinks.

Author: LakersRGolden 
Posted: 08/11 7:30 PM 
Young's / Newcastle / Blue Moon / Corona

American Macro Brew:
MGD / Chill

Bar: Rum & Pepsi

Author: pdxpoplaker 
Posted: 09/05 4:29 PM 
Lagunitas Dogtown IPA (It's gooood)

Maker's Mark Whiskey

Author: 36OFerrari 
Posted: 09/06 9:11 AM 
rchanou wrote:
Beer - Sam Adams
Well Drink - Kettle/Tonic



Author: HAWAIIGUY27 
Posted: 09/13 8:48 PM 
long island/beach

Author: PLATNUM 
Posted: 09/19 5:37 AM 
Newcastle - Heineken Lite - Red Stripe - Rolling Rock - Hef

White Russian
7 and 7
Shot of Jager

Author: LakersRGolden 
Posted: 09/19 5:13 PM 
New Favorite bar drink.

The Chocolate Chuck

1/2 Young's Chocolate Stout, 1/2 pear cider.

Re: What is your FAVORITE BEER? Your FAVORITE DRINK at a bar? 
Author: Omar Little 
Posted: 09/19 7:26 PM 
SirRunnethOfSoCal wrote:
My favorite beer comes down to Hefeweizen and/or Coors Light.

You could save a lot of money by letting someone else buy and drink the Heffi, and then have them pee in your glass, giving you the equivalent of Coors Light

Author: angrypuppy 
Posted: 09/19 7:38 PM 
dark beer: Guiness
amber beer: Anchor Steam

single malt scotch, neat
double Tanqueray Martinis, straight up, extra olives

Author: Omar Little 
Posted: 09/19 8:04 PM 
angrypuppy wrote:
dark beer: Guiness
amber beer: Anchor Steam

single malt scotch, neat
double Tanqueray Martinis, straight up, extra olives

You might try a splash of water in the scotch, however. Brings out the bouquet and the flavor (learned this in Scotland).

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