Towns being overrated/Okafor being picked apart?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:32 am    Post subject: Towns being overrated/Okafor being picked apart?

I think that Towns is a very good prospect and he has a lot of skills and very few weaknesses. But I think that the hype might be a little bit out of control at this point in time.

Towns is a good all round defender, but he does not have elite athleticism like his teammate WCS. Also, his base is not the greatest at this time, Kaminsky pushed him around in the tourney. Which directly lead to his team loosing to an inferior squad talent wise.

Okafor is not nearly as bad a defensive prospect as the media outlets are piling on about. He is an excellent post defender, better than Towns. In addition, as coach K said, he did not allow Okafor to leave the paint because their next biggest guy was 6'6". So to say that he can not defend the pick and roll is a bit of a stretch because that was not his job at Duke. He has a huge wingspan and quick feet. I feel that he will be better on perimeter help D than many are predicting. Not as good as Towns on the perimeter but better in the post.

Then it comes down to motivation and knowing what it takes to win it all. Towns came up short and Okafor did not. Okafor regularly faced double and triple teams. He dealt with it and found a way to win.

In a way I am happy that Towns is the flavor of the day, that means that Okafor falls to the Lakers and we get the best big in the draft!
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:02 pm    Post subject:

Of course.
Every defensive mistake on Okafor is viewed as proof as his poor ability on that side and his shortcoming. The guy's career is pretty much written in stone by some just because he hasn't shown to be a dominant defensive force. Oh and that he's a traditional old school big man. Can't have that !

BTW, the guy that really has impressed me is WCS. Wow, I got the hype for him. Now it may just be something that eventually teams will be able to scout and stop, but the guy looks like Tyson Chandler 2.0, with better upside because he's so young and could develop more O than he has thus far shown. For WCS, just hope he doesn't end up like a McGee if he gets paid or ends up on a team that doesn't utilize him properly. He's truly someone that fits in really well in today's NBA. I would have loved the pick at 5 or lower.
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