Lakers miss out on Cousins, Butler, George, whats happens now?
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:59 pm    Post subject:

SuperboyReformed wrote:
splashmtn wrote:
LakerFan1977 wrote:
I understand that most fans probably have become patient because of circumstance and I sort of agree that it is possible to build a championship caliber team in 3 to 5 years, but I don't think any team in recent history has built them in house meaning almost entirely from the draft, maybe Detroit 2004 but someone would have to check on that, I think that if we get the No.1 pick the front office will seriously consider moving it because teams will probably start calling, their front office thinking hmmm Westbrook or George walk for nothing if they refuse to sign extensions or get a 1st pick and more doing business with a team they hate, I think the will choose the lesser of two supposed evils
uuhh gstate is looking at you in your face.

curry- draft pick
draymond- draft pick
klay-draft pick

they had all those guys already.
bogut draft pick.

They only signed iggy and livingston.

shoot harrison barnes- draft pick

the entire core outside iggy/livingston were picks.

so yes its possible and its almost set up that way with the new cba's in place.

their core may be drafted, but they've had a slew of great players, all star level helping out. livingston, iggy, those guys are big time players...Livingston especially did a lot of heavy lifting in the finals. no one talks about it. iggy was the damn mvp. this current nba is crazy.

They drafted their core who are relatively cheap contracts. Theyre able to afford star FAs and a great bench. Only way you can get that much talent on one team under the current CBA. You cant do it through trades or FA alone.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:03 pm    Post subject:

Big Shot Bob wrote:
I'm GREAT with not trading for him now. Let's just say that things stand pat. The best we can hope for in June is...

D'Angelo Russell
Jordan Clarkson
Brandon Ingram
Corey Brewer
Luol Deng
Julius Randle
Larry Nance Jr.
Tarik Black
Timofey Mozgov
Ivica Zubac
#3 Pick (Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz, Josh Jackson, Dennis Smith Jr., Jason Tatum)
#27 Pick
$20M Cap Room

We can all assume that the Pacers will ultimately get knocked out in the 2nd or more likely 1st round this year. Cleveland, Boston, Toronto and Washington are all better than them as it stands today. If that is the case, George will have major leverage to force his way to LAL over the summer.

It's totally reasonable that we could end up only needing to trade a package of Clarkson, Randle or Nance and the 27th pick to Indiana for him. Heck, maybe it even ends up as bad as Sacramento's Cousins trade. Which team is going to trade more than that for a 1yr rental? If George makes it clear that it's LAL or bust, the answer is none.

There is certainly no need to trade Russell, Ingram or (potentially) our top 3 pick for him when it seems likely that he'll bolt for us in 2018.

If Young opts in, everyone in the rotation will be under contract. I am not sure whether that is a blessing or not considering the W/L record.

Thanks to good recent drafts, a quantity for quality trade like PG13 is a realistic dream. But he is probably the only possibility out there.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:30 pm    Post subject:

I agree I think PG is more realistic than Westbrook simply because teams negotiating trades to a team in their own conference happens a lot less it seems, and plus its the Lakers, owners and gm's usually hate making deals to make the Lakers better that being said I do think that PG seems like a player who is more blue collar as compared to the man diva nature of Westbook, but their is a possibility that if the PG summer hype heats up, it may bring Westbrook's agent calling because he will pick up on the attention that LA gets with a sniff of playoff team
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