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Baron Von Humongous wrote:
adkindo wrote:
Baron Von Humongous wrote:
Simon always gets it where other shows falter - follow the money, and you'll find the real story. The quick marginalization/gentrification of the street walkers and (mostly black) pimps was captured well in that cab scene with Eileen on her way up the sex trade respectability ladder calling out to Ruby talking to the scumbag john who ends up casually murdering her. A bit on the nose, but I thought MacLaren filmed that beautifully.

The second wave feminist porn backlash is coming and the AIDS epidemic is looming, so there'll be ripe material for the second season even as they (potentially) move the story off the streets. This has become one of the best shows out there with a strong end to its 1st season, and I'm really excited to see the series get closure with two more seasons.

do you think it will go into the 80's or all the way into the early 90's?

I believe Simon/Pelecanos said their plan was to end in the 80s with a 3rd season. I imagine it would cover some similar territory as Boogie Nights with the transition from spank flicks in theaters to home video.

Hope we get more than 8 episodes in seasons 2 and 3.
Took me a good 2 episodes to get used to relatable characters being in the sex trade (and I'm not a prude by any standards).
Now that I'm desensitized to that part of the show, I'm hooked.
Turn your losses into lessons. - Mike "The Situation"
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