*** Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers (04/8/18) ***
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Ziggy wrote:
Killakobe81 wrote:
JPaulK0n wrote:
Mitchell might be the next great SG, unfortunately looks like the Lakers got conned by LaVar, no chance Lonzo comes even close to being on Mitchell's level on offense. KAT, Porz, Simmons, Booker, etc. all showed superstar potential early on compared to the Lakers young players. Going to see if they can make up for it in free agency.

Relax. if you notice all the top rooks except Tatum are at least two years removed from college as is Mitchell. Simmons and KAT were the #1 prospects so of course they look the best from their respective drafts. That being said, even if mitchell or Dev Booker are the best young SG prospects ...neither guy looks to me like a #1 on a title team and i dont think even KAT or wiggins is either
.. and i loved KAT in his draft and predicted he was only superstar (Porzy and Booker have shown flashes tho).

Now what u should be concerned with, is Randle wanting superstar (#1) money and he is nowhere close to that ...Ingram can definitely grow in to a #2 on a title team and i think Kuzma and ball could start for one if they continue to develop. Randle and Hart high level rotation/bench guys. Randle should be in the Odom role tbh ...Kuzma the Horry role ...Hart the Fusher role ...Ingram the Pau/Worthy role...problem is we got no one for the Kobe/Magic/Shaq/Kareem to lead them ...and PG13 is not that either ..

Spot on. Agree on all points. PG13 is most likely a good #2 on a championship contender. He needs to be paired with a legitimate superstar like a Lebron or Kawhi. The purpose of free agency is so the Lakers can get that #1 guy to carry the team.

As far as that other poster goes, I personally think Lonzo has shown flashes of superstar potential. There have been games for us where he was the most impactful guy on the floor and hardly touched the ball. I still think the Kidd comparisons are accurate. Just needs to lock himself in the gym this summer.

Agreed. Kidd was better as a rook but he was not one and done either and had a thicker frame than Lonzo even in HS ...Lonzo has shown flashes of star and bust ...but he is so young ...the flashes of star mean more than the times he has struggled mightily.
As for PG you dont turn him down even if Bron doesnt come, because he helps us by instantly being the best defender, 3pt and FT shooter and he would replace KCP who is a homeless man's version of George. However expecting him to lead us to glory is fool-hardy. He playing #2 to Russ and they barely making the playoffs. I will watch him close in these playoffs. IDK i give him crefit on his recovery from a traumatic injury ...but i dont think he is as good as he once was ...
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