Lakers received money under the PPP and returned it
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PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2020 11:16 pm    Post subject:

lakersken80 wrote:
Batguano wrote:
Amazing and embarrassing the mental gymnastics some people go through to justify a disgusting move just because it's their favorite franchise/team...

But that kind of mentality is why things like these are allowed to happen. When this is all over and you finally get to leave your houses/apartments and you decide to go to your favorite local spot only to find out it has closed/gone brankrupt I want you to remember what the Lakers did...

The Lakers didn't cause your favorite restaurant to go bankrupt, this pandemic did. All i see is a bunch of misdirected anger towards the ownership, I bet whomever applied for it didn't even know how it was being administered. If they had known how the banks would've handled it they probably would never have bothered.

Imagine being this naive.
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PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2020 2:22 pm    Post subject:

venturalakersfan wrote:
AD23 wrote:
AD23 wrote:
Bad decision by the team. Trying to stop the bad PR by returning it.

Stupid program to begin with, no real triggers to prevent all this abuse you are hearing about.

To quote myself ..

Lakers didn't break any rules BUT poor optics.

Mark Cuban more or less said the same thing, blame the Treasury. As I mentioned this was a rush job with no real screening process.

No, blame the Lakers. If a multi billion dollar corporation doesn’t know that it isn’t a small business then they are as dumb as hell.

Yes, blame the Lakers.
The Treasury tried to roll out a good program that would keep small businesses open during this unprecedented crisis. Their intention was to let the money flow quickly, to keep these businesses open (and keep their employees off the unemployment rolls). They intended to review applications as they were able, the IRS/Treasury are not stupid.
Shame on the Lakers.
While they did nothing illegal, the judgement here is mind boggling.
This was a limited program intended to rescue small businesses from the brink of one of the most challenging times this nation has ever faced, by allowing them to keep their payrolls going.
The Lakers are a multi billion dollar franchise.
One of the most valuable franchises in Sports anywhere in the world. Millionaires playing for Billionaires.
That they even applied for this program demonstrates a complete lack of character, and I have a hard time believing that some low level accountant signed up for this. It went to the top of the organization.
And the only reason they returned it is because they got caught in the very bad optics of the situation.
Shame on them.
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