The Javale McGee vs Shaq beef
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:04 pm    Post subject:

activeverb wrote:
saetarubia wrote:
lakers0505 wrote:
saetarubia wrote:
Durant should chill lol. I know Shaq can be petty but KD has no business to get involved like that. Shaq didn't have to run to a 73 win team to chase rings lol. You couldn't even get a ring with RW so stop with those ignorant shades. If you think Shaq had no skills and it's all about size, watch DJ play and wonder why he won't be anywhere near the conversation of all time greats. Young Shaq was pretty mobile and played in the era of great Cs.


Shaq just played with Kobe and Wade,a top 10 all time player and top 5 SG all time? He also was good enough to jump ship a few times, and sprinkled in some time for Lebron and Nash.

Shaq joined Lakers when Kobe was a rookie. He became Top 10 player much latter. He came to Lakers 'cos he was confident that he could carry the team without another superstar. Left a legit one in Penny. He was traded to Miami. Anyways, none of this changes what I said about KD thinking Shaq had no skills and just strength.

Shaq's agent wrote a piece where he said the real story is Orlando bungled it. The CBA in those days would have let them simply outbit everyone else, but they lowballed him and pissed him off. The Magic kept nickle and diming, and haggling over stuff like option years, while the Lakers kept upping their offer. And then Shaq got pissed off about an Orlando newspaper poll where readers said he wasn't worth the money. The agent says if Orlando had simply given him a big contract upfront he would have resigned.

Yup. And there's rumours that he got insecure of Penny's rising status and his popular Lil Penny commercials. ESPN 30 for 30 covered Magic trying to lowball him. Shaq said he had agreed 80 M odd contract after so many negotiations and then saw Miami gave Alonzo 100 M. So he asked for 100 M+ deal while Magic continued to be stingy. They changed their mind when Shaq had agreed a deal with Lakers but it was too late. Shaq stuck with his decision to move to LA.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:18 pm    Post subject:

Steve007 wrote:
CandyCanes wrote:
Krispy Kreme wrote:
Shaq is like that one friend you have who keeps ribbing you and poking fun at you. Then eventually you fire back because you're tired of it and the friend claims "hey, relax, im just joking" trying to blame you instead of apologizing.

There's always truth to people consistently ribbing you. It's never 100% in a pure joking manner if they are consistently doing it.

And not a surprise.. now Shaq is saying his mom (more like his TNT bosses) told him to stop with the back and forth with McGee.

I actually have a friend exactly like this who basically just tries to make me look stupid in every social setting and over social media. Eventually, I got fed up and told him to knock it off. He got pissed off, accused me of having thin skin and being unable to take a joke, and then tried to blame me for it. He refused to stop and said he'd "do what he felt like." I ended up blocking him on social media. Not sure how long until he gets the message.

It's a way to manipulate people, even if they aren't aware of it and are being thin skinned themselves. Tell you that you're the one with the thin skin so they can get you to shut up, and then if you do shut up they go back to constantly trying to make you look dumb which is what they want.

So you've met someone like this before too? Why do they do it?
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