THT vs Lamelo
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:50 pm    Post subject:

jonnybravo wrote:
focus wrote:
jonnybravo wrote:
Aeneas Hunter wrote:
I managed to watch a few minutes of the Hornets-Pelicans game. This was the first time I've been able to watch Lamelo outside of highlights. He was one of the better players on the court, even though he is still raw. His game needs polishing, but he has "future all-NBA" written all over him. I was skeptical about him, especially after the experience with Lonzo. I'm a believer now.

I've been watching him as well and I agree. He was 1 assist from a triple double tonight in 26 minutes.

I respect both of your opinions generally. I watched only the highlights and I was pretty impressed (especially with the left handed no look hook assist from the top of the key). "future All-NBA" though, wow. Didn't expect that level of praise, and definitive too. The shooting was impressive yesterday. You guys sure he wasn't just having a hot night?

I haven't seen much of him (non-highlights and just a few highlights), but what I did see before yesterday's game looked like fine instinct generally, including for his teammates, and a lot of fluid game. Yesterday, I learned that he is a good finisher, which definitely does not run in the family. Very smooth. Before this game, I thought he had shooting woes, low release or something. His height really stood out to me yesterday, compared to other game highlights I've seen.

So all-NBA is really high level praise. What are his biggest all-NBA level skills as you both see them?

Edit: and Mike@LG, definitely respect your opinion, if you care to chime in.

I honestly have no idea if his shooting is legit...I'll leave that to the experts. For me, he just seems WAY more in control than his brother. There was a play where he slowed down his speed on a fastbreak and let the guy filling the lane get a good angle for a pass and dropped a dime in there. Zo goes 100mph with his frenetic (some might say spastic) pace.

Anyways, I'll be the first to admit my biases lol. I went to Jr high/High School in Chino Hills so the Ball clan will always have a soft spot in my heart.
I either know the play you're talking about, or I have seen another because I saw how he paced himself to gain the angle on some break. He does seem to see how things will develop at a level others (vets or not) can't. Clearly, I need to watch more of this kid.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 7:53 am    Post subject:

Baron Von Humongous wrote:
yinoma2001 wrote:
I do wonder if THT was given free rein on a lesser team what he would average.

THT per 36 is 17ppg, 5.5 rpg, 4 apg.

Lamelo is 18.5ppg, 9rpg, 8.5 apg. Wow.

Lamelo may end up being the best player in this draft.

LaMelo is a weirdly gifted rebounder. I don't know how much value it adds beyond a certain threshold, but the kid reads the ball coming off the rim like skinny Barkley.

Both he and Lonzo. Unfortunately Zo turned down the volume in that department since his rookie year.
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Aeneas Hunter
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:06 am    Post subject:

focus wrote:
Late thanks, but thanks. I know you said "future" and I was keeping that in mind. I'll admit that I thought that meant All-NBA first team though, not second and third necessarily. First team 2020 was each a future Hall of Famer with all five being potential legends to boot. So getting on that first team (Luka will still be there) in the future means beating out some pretty top talent (Kawhi, CP3, and Jokic - all potential legends themselves were on second team). I was not aware how good a rebounder he was already, and certainly agree that about his passing. He looked more fluid yesterday than I remember this season. I did notice with some of his Australia highlights that he had some great instincts, aggressiveness, and leadership. Still, I was not sold yet on a clear Magic-level, Kobe-level talent - as I was somewhat early seeing in Doncic during his rookie year, AD in college, Lebron in his first game, KD at Texas and Steph like everyone else during NCAA. I completely missed the boat on others though, and predicted top level greatness for some who never did (like Amare Stoudamire and Carmelo).
The "it" factor comment is what I find most interesting. Plus the Magic comparison. That's basically guaranteeing much in the future, assuming no injury problems.

When we get to first team vs. second team vs. third team, we're really getting abstract when the kid in question just played his eleventh game. Can I see him as first-team all-NBA one day? Sure. But I'm not going to make any predictions with that level of specificity. I think he has the potential to be in the conversation, but (1) he needs to have the drive and work ethic to realize that potential, and (2) he needs to catch some breaks with health and perhaps team success.

Sure, we've all been right about some players and wrong about others. I thought Malik Monk would be a decent NBA player, though not a superstar or anything like that. Instead, he gets to keep his seat warm while watching Lamelo play. Some players are just physical freaks (Lebron, Durant, Davis), so they are easier to project, though it isn't fool proof (Noel jumps to mind).

With other guys like Doncic, you have to see them against NBA competition. Doncic is a different kind of player than Lamelo, despite the facial similarities. But I'd put them in the same basket. When Doncic was a rookie at 19, it was apparent that his potential was at a different level than the typical player. Lamelo strikes me the same way. Doncic appears to be realizing his potential. Only time will tell whether Lamelo does the same.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 12:36 am    Post subject:
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 2:46 pm    Post subject:

Lamelo seems like he has the potential to be a real star in this league.

He has a very long leash right now in Charlotte, and will be given much more PT to develop than THT is going to get here.

I don't see THT as a star, but I can see him being a fan favorite for many years if he continues to develop. He gets to the basket well, plays with intensity, and his defensive ceiling is high.

I think its too early to have this discussion, but I like both players and their futures.
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