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Origination of Forum Blue and Gold??

Origination of Forum Blue and Gold?? 
Author: GSDunk 
Posted: 10/15 3:04 AM 
I've wondered for a long time who came up with term "Forum Blue and Gold" and the approximate date it came out. (doing some personal research)

Chick perhaps??

When I first heard this years ago, I found it a little strange considering the teams colors aren't really blue or gold but actually purple and yellow. And I'm assuming that who ever came up with "forum blue" thought it sounded cooler than just purple....which I definitely agree with.

Anyone know the answer to this worthless bit of trivia??

Author: hig 
Posted: 10/15 3:11 AM 
I think the then owner Jack Kent Cooke came up with the name "Forum Blue" because he liked the color purple but not the name. Prior to his ownership the colors were blue and white. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)


"In September 1965, Cooke purchased the Los Angeles Lakers for $5 million from Bob Short. Under Cooke's ownership the Lakers moved from the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena to The Forum and changed their colors from Royal and Light Blue to the current Purple (which he referred to as "Forum Blue") and Gold.

The Lakers during Cooke's ownership reached 7 NBA Finals and won the 1972 NBA Finals."

Author: Free_Kobe 
Posted: 10/15 3:12 AM 
I thought it was Chickie that came up with that!

Author: ShaoDaddy 
Posted: 10/15 3:15 AM 
there's actually a site called

it got info on why it's called blue and gold To Go | LA Lakers Lounge