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Best fries in LA?

Best fries in LA? 
Author: kikanga 
Posted: 10/04 1:15 PM 
McDonalds is still pretty high up on my list.
In N Out's fries are garbage in my book.
Cajun fries at 5 guys!
Smashburger has some pretty good "smash fries" cooked with olive oil, rosemary and garlic.

Author: LarryCoon 
Posted: 10/04 4:00 PM 
In-N-Out's fries are better if you ask for them well done, but even then they're not great.

In fact, I hadn't eaten at In-N-Out for a while (like nine months) and recently went back with my daughter. Everything (burger included) tasted like an overseasoned mess.

Author: rwongega 
Posted: 10/04 7:37 PM 
5 Guys fries taste like salted cardboard.

Author: frijolero01 
Posted: 10/04 8:47 PM 
Habit Burger fries.

Author: governator 
Posted: 10/04 9:04 PM 
Carne asada fries...

Author: waterman40 
Posted: 04/19 10:07 AM 
Tommy's fries anyone?

Author: mhan00 
Posted: 05/20 12:12 AM 
Los Paisas Carne Asada Fries.

Best fast food fries are freshly fried McDonalds fries.

Author: angrypuppy 
Posted: 06/08 5:55 PM 
waterman40 wrote:
Tommy's fries anyone?

Yeah, miss Tommy's fries with chili and cheese.

Author: DaMuleRules 
Posted: 06/29 9:45 PM 
Plan Check has awesome fries.

Author: ChickenBeckerman 
Posted: 12/12 12:07 PM 
i like Fathers Office. burgers there are good too

Author: audioaxes 
Posted: 03/29 5:21 AM 
not really a california/LA institution but Popeyes has some of the best fries around

Author: Heartburn 
Posted: 04/25 1:19 AM 
The Habit.
Fat Burger Fat Fries.

Use to love Rally's, too. To Go | The Best Of...