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Finding NBA Draft Busts In The Summer

Finding NBA Draft Busts In The Summer 
Author: AuraStar 
Posted: 07/08 6:34 PM 
I found article on finding NBA draft busts in the summer league using Player Efficiency Rating.

It's written by a guy named Michael Watson who is a data manager with 10 years I.T. experience at a global FMCG company specializing in data management, visualization and explaining the nerdy stuff to senior directors in a language they can understand and make decisions on. He has 10 years professional basketball playing experience.

To make the correlation between NBA summer league play and how a draft pick will project, Watson uses “PER” (Created by John Hollinger, formally of ESPN and now with the Grizzlies and which stands for Player Efficiency Rating) as the metric to base my research on.

I'd love to see more research on it, but what Watson provides is pretty interesting to say the least.

The article:

Author: Chronicle 
Posted: 07/08 6:56 PM 
What I took from that article is that sometimes players pan out and sometimes they don't. But interesting nonetheless To Go | NBA Summer League