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Mfiondu Kabengele- the next Draymond Green

Mfiondu Kabengele- the next Draymond Green 
Author: JamaalWilkes 
Posted: 07/18 4:31 PM 
Late first round sleeper pick, Clippers have him playing in Summer League now. Really coming into his own, can do it all - defend, shoot, rebound, block, pass, finish strong at rim. Like a young Draymond, but more explosive.

Wonder if there is any way to trade for him, though I can't see Jerry West making the mistake.

Not seeing the comparision 
Author: 70sdude 
Posted: 09/05 3:38 PM 
The most distinguishing area play of Draymond - in college and NBA action - has been his high capacity among big men: to handle the ball well and to see the floor, create mismatches and pass crisply so as to exploit them.

Mfiondu Kabengele doesn't do any of that at all.

Author: Peppe89 
Posted: 07/23 5:27 AM 
I’ve liked him for a while now. He’s a poor man’s Al Horford. Plays with a lot of passion with and energy. 6’10 with long arms. I think he’s got some upside too, especially since he can already shoot the 3 pretty decently for a 5. He’s got to carve out and accept his role as a backup big in the NBA though. To Go | NBA Summer League