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AD for Ben Simmons….

AD for Ben Simmons…. 
Author: Tilted Brim 
Posted: 10/06 11:34 PM 
The way AD played last year and the way he’s looking this year. I’d have to consider trading him for Ben Simmons. You heard it hear 1st

Author: audioaxes 
Posted: 10/07 2:29 AM 
lol Simmons adding to Lebron and Westbrook would be a horrible fit offensively all 3 need the ball in their hands and ONLY Lebron can really do anything of value without it

Author: unleasHell 
Posted: 10/08 10:17 PM 
in before lock...

Author: unleasHell 
Posted: 12/14 1:45 AM 
Would you do Westbrook for Simmons or Irving?

Author: jodeke 
Posted: 02/10 10:06 PM 
Why would you want to bring a head case to an already dysfunctional team? Whoever assembled this team needs to be blood tested.

Author: jodeke 
Posted: 02/12 7:11 PM 
Simmons, AD trade is moot. The Nets have signed him. Poor Nash. He now has 2 head cases. Handling that is asking a lot of him. This is Nash's 1st year as a head coach and he has no head coaching experience. He hasn't handled Kyrie properly, how's he going to handle Simmons? To Go | Trade and Free Agency Discussion