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*** Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trailblazers (11/06/21 @ 7:30 pm PT) Gm#10 ***

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*** Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trailblazers (11/06/21 @ 7:30 pm PT) Gm#10 *** 
Author: pio2u 
Posted: 11/06 6:22 AM 
Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trailblazers
Moda Center, Portland, OR | Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021 • 7:30 PM PT




* #NBA75
There is power in understanding the journey of others to help create your own. Kobe Bryant

Author: Lucky_Shot 
Posted: 11/06 6:32 AM 
Los Angeles Lakers
LBJ, THT, K. Nunn, T. Ariza - Out

Still tons of injuries against a good team. This will be a tough one, just got to keep building chemistry.

Would be kind of cool to see Melo(former Blazer) get the start with AD at the 5.

Author: RowellGboy7 
Posted: 11/06 6:40 AM 
Just win please. It’ll be just our luck that Dame would shoot the lights out this game

Author: dont_be_a_wuss 
Posted: 11/06 6:41 AM 
Blazers played Friday night. Let’s take advantage of them being on a back to back.

Author: Inspector Gadget 
Posted: 11/06 7:52 AM 
Let’s Go Lakers!!!!

Author: Inspector Gadget 
Posted: 11/06 7:54 AM 
Anyone betting on Lillard finally coming out of his slump and dropping 40 on us tomorrow should take the bet.

Author: MJST 
Posted: 11/06 8:19 AM 
Lillard will somehow find his three point shot against us this game.

Author: Inspector Gadget 
Posted: 11/06 8:23 AM 
MJST wrote:
Lillard will somehow find his three point shot against us this game.

Let me just say this.. Lillard LOVES getting up for Laker games if he stinks it up tomorrow you can might as well just lose hope that he probably won’t be the same this season.

Author: Kobetan 
Posted: 11/06 8:25 AM 
Happy for Dame, at least he's going to get out of his slump. Unless he's playing bad on purpose to force a trade to the Lakers

Author: MagicMamba88 
Posted: 11/06 10:45 AM 
Lillard in the midst of the worst 9-game stretch in his career

17.8 ppg on .337/.217/.875 splits

His highest scoring career average against any team is the Lakers so something has to give tomorrow.
9:27 PM · Nov 5, 2021

you know whats going to happen.

hes gonna go off

Author: PenG_ 
Posted: 11/06 11:26 AM 
Wow Dame with 4 pts on 2-13 shooting.

He's going for 60 tonight

Author: LakerSD 
Posted: 11/06 11:46 AM 
As others have said, the most likely scenario is a Dame slump bust game.


Author: governator 
Posted: 11/06 11:49 AM 

Author: dont_be_a_wuss 
Posted: 11/06 12:43 PM 
Hopefully Dame is incompatible with the new basketball and will not come out of his slump tonight.

Author: JUST-MING 
Posted: 11/06 1:10 PM 
I bet the anti-Westbrook cabal is hoping for a 60 point triple double in a loss so they can gas up their agendas

Author: pio2u 
Posted: 11/06 1:28 PM 

Author: danzag 
Posted: 11/06 2:15 PM 

Dame 50 point game incoming

Author: LakerSD 
Posted: 11/06 5:05 PM 
Let’s see if Day to Davis will be available when his team really needs him and actually doesn’t exit the game early.

Author: blackmamba08 
Posted: 11/06 6:12 PM 
I dont see us winning this game. They always shoot lights out against us. Probably Dame is going to score 45 and Nurkic will feast in the paint.

Author: chrisca91 
Posted: 11/06 6:14 PM 
LA 91
Portland 129

This is a lottery team, let's be real here.

Author: Halflife 
Posted: 11/06 6:24 PM 
us- 115

Author: roger_federer 
Posted: 11/06 6:26 PM 
Halflife wrote:
us- 115

and WB 50 plus with high efficiency

Author: LakerSD 
Posted: 11/06 6:40 PM

No excuses. If you are a championship caliber team, show something without Lebron.

Last season, Russ led the wizards to a win @portland, so it can be done. Yes, the mediocre wizards of last season accomplished that…

Author: lakersfever714 
Posted: 11/06 7:01 PM 
Win or we implode

Author: governator 
Posted: 11/06 7:48 PM 
lakersfever714 wrote:
Win or we implode

We LG, not the team but yeah, need this win for this website!!! There’s like 10 new threads about not liking the team make up lol

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