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LAKERS -at- KNICKS - 11/23 - Thoughts and :-(( Ratings

LAKERS -at- KNICKS - 11/23 - Thoughts and :-(( Ratings 
Author: DancingBarry 
Posted: 11/24 3:46 AM 
More Bumps on the Road... Another one of those games where the Lakers just look inept until the sense of urgency starts to kick in.

The Lakers defense gave up 20 points in about a New York minute after stepping on the court tonight (actually, about 5 minutes, but that’s just awful). Down by 21 in the first quarter as the Lakers took their usual beating, they lulled the Knicks to sleep. The lead ballooned to 25 points in the first half, but the Lakers rattled off a 16-2 rally in the final couple minutes of the first half to trail 63-51.

They kept the defensive pressure on to open up the second half and forced a timeout after a couple of minutes. Behind Russell Westbrook’s 18 points and 3 assists in the third quarter, they’d tie the game up. He had the shot going, but was imposing his size and athleticism on the Knicks.

In the fourth, the Lakers got Randle into foul trouble with more than 9 minutes left. Here was their chance to push through after digging their way out of that hole.

The Knicks would find another source for offense. Immanuel Quickly drained multiple threes as the Lakers struggled to counter. A key moment was AD missing a three, then following that up with missing two FTs. The Lakers had multiple looks at threes but the shooting went dry. So with Randle out, they fell back by double digits.

Russ would return to the game and cut the lead down to 5 on a fouled three and then a drive for a layup. But this time there was no coming back. The Lakers fell 106-100.

Davis -- -- He was under the weather again. A very perimeter oriented first half with 11 points on 4-9 shooting, but he was the only Laker in the positive with a +3. That was largely from the defense picking up late in that second quarter. He got a little more aggressive going toward the rim in the second half, including a nice drive and kick to Bradley for a three. He also had a dunk trailing the break. There was a big sequence in the fourth where he hit a three to trim the lead to 6. He had been avoiding taking them all game, thankfully. Then next time down, he got greedy. Bradley got middle off a screen. Instead of rolling AD popped and missed the three. If your guard gets into the middle of the paint, roll and finish the lob. After that missed three, he’d get fouled shortly later and miss both FTs. That poor FT shooting tonight definitely hurt. The Stats: He scored 20 points on 7-17 shooting (1-2 from three, 5-11 from the line) to go with 6 boards, 3 assists and 1 foul in 33 minutes. He was a +9.

Westbrook -- -- He carried the team for long stretches. The perimeter shot was looking decent, but once he got over the turnover spree in the first half, the team started to roll. He had 18 points and 3 assists in the third quarter. I like seeing the step-up screens from multiple players to get Russ downhill. I also just like seeing him back guys down when he’s got that physical advantage. We don’t do that quite enough with him. Once he sat for the start of the fourth, the Lakers had THT at point and couldn’t get into a flow. We missed those LBJ minutes right there. Late in the fourth, Russ was able to trim the double-digit lead down to 5. Again, I really just want to get our lineup healthy and fast forward to about February to where we’ve learned how to play together. Take those 5 turnovers out of the equation in the first half and the Lakers might have been just a couple of buckets behind the Knicks, and maybe that’s enough in this one. The Stats: He scored 31 points on 10-18 shooting (3-6 from three, 8-9 from the line) to go with 13 boards, 10 assists, 2 steals, 6 turnovers and 2 fouls in 37 minutes. He was a +0.

Horton-Tucker -- -- Welp. As good as he was his first few games, the last ones have been just as bad. Back in the starting lineup he had a team worst -19 in the first half, missing all four of his attempts. He went scoreless in the third on two attempts. Another two more misses in the fourth and he’s 0-8 for the night. Uggh. Missing some easy layups, but also taking some wild ones, too. The Stats: He didn’t score on 0-8 shooting (0-2 from three) to go with 2 boards, 4 assists, 1 steal, 1 block, 2 turnovers and 3 fouls in 29 minutes. He was a -18.

Jordan -- -- With AD not feeling great and one of our key PFs out in LeBron, we started DJ again. It was a little rough at first on defense as we gave up some open perimeter looks. But the D improved as the game went along. He was big on the boards, gobbling up a lot with not a lot of help at times. He finished a lob from THT and another from Russ. He broke up another lob and also blocked a drive by Walker that led to an AD dunk the other way. He kept the offensive boards alive giving the team some key extra possessions. The Stats: He scored 6 points on 3-6 shooting to go with 11 boards (4 offensive), 1 steal, 1 block and 2 fouls in 25 minutes. He was a -7.

Bradley -- -- That three ball had been looking pretty poor lately, but we started finding him in the left corner and he started knocking them down. He’d also hit a baseline jumper off a handoff, earn FTs after picking Walker at midcourt and he also had a nice dive off Russ to take a pass for a floater. Unfortunately, all his points took place in three quarters. We could have used a couple more key buckets in that fourth. The Stats: The Action: Hit baseline jumper off handoff. Pick Kemba at midcourt and fouled on break for FTs.Then hit a ochre rthreon ATO. /// Swing pass to hit a three. He sank another left corner three on a kick by Ad in trans. Dive and took pass for floater.

Anthony -- -- A nice ovation from the Knicks fans when Melo entered the game. The Lakers shot just 5-17 from three in the first half, he led the team in attempts going 1-4 from three (1-7 from the floor). He’d do the same in the second half with another 1-4 from three. Really just give us one or two more of those. The Stats: He scored 12 points on 3-14 shooting (2-8 from three, 4-5 from the line) to go with 3 boards and 5 fouls in 28 minutes. He was a -9.

Howard -- -- Relatively quiet night. He had a nice denial at the frim to prevent a sure score (not credit for a block). But it was a second bounce on a challenge, which we need from our bigs. No threes tonight. The Stats: He didn’t shoot or score and had 1 board, 1 assist, 1 turnover and 1 foul in 10 minutes. He was a -4.

Monk -- -- He gave the Lakers some offensive punch when they were struggling early on. He had 12 points on 5-8 shooting to lead the team in the first half. And as good as that was, the second half was bad. He went 0-6. Some really big misses in that fourth quarter. We needed someone else to contribute tonight and we got a good half from him, but that second half huft. The Stats: He scored 12 points on 5-14 shooting (1-7 from three, 1-2 from the line) to go with 4 boards, 4 assists, 2 steals, 1 block and 2 foul sin 31 minutes. He was a +2.

Ellington -- -- He got a three off a kickback for his only bucket. Some defensive miscues like icing when you need to switch and we gave up a three. The Lakers eventually figured out their coverages and looked better. Our playbook really needs a couple designed plays just for him when he’s out there. I think he was in on an ATO screen that drew a key foul on Randle. The Stats: He scored 4 points on 1-3 shooting (1-1 from the line) to go with 1 board, 2 turnovers and no fouls in 17 minutes. He was a -7.

Vogel -- -- Key Moment: Aside from the slow start, the Lakers rallied in that third behind Russ’s 18. Vogel sat Russ after that hot quarter. With THT at point, the offense lost its thrust. He also had a trio of Ellington, Melo and Monk on the floor. Defensively, not a great trio. So timeout with 9:35 left when they trailed by 6. Out of that we had a guard screen on Julius who knocked a guard down. Next play in same possession, we post up AD and picked up Julius’s 5th foul with 9:18 left. Well done. Julius would pick up a tech and we trim to 3. Now, you’d think this would be an opportunity for the Lakers to make a run, but it was the Knicks that answered the challenge. They extended their lead and kept us at arm’s length the rest of the way.

Key Substitution: Sitting Russ after that hot third quarter. We lost all momentum. Ideally, you have LBJ right there to go to, but the suspension left us with either THT or Rondo. THT was stone cold. Rondo has not been good lately.

Key Stats: With LeBron suspended, his 0 minutes in this one hurt. The Lakers shot 11-36 from three, 30.6%. Monk and Melo were a combined 3-15. THT's 0-8 from the floor and -18 were also key issues with LeBron out.

Author: mhan00 
Posted: 11/24 3:52 AM 
Lakers are saving me a bunch of time. It’s so sickening to watch this team that I fast forwarded through the entire game. I’ve used the 30 second skip forward button to “watch” more this season than I have in the previous 10 years. It just isn’t fun to watch this team most nights.

Author: DrDent 
Posted: 11/24 4:17 AM 
Thanks DB.

Hard to get excited about this product that's going on the floor.

Author: A Mad Chinaman 
Posted: 11/24 5:22 AM 
This veteran-laden team seens to have a collective mentality that they can coast through the regular games during the regular season.

Opposing teams understand that these Lakers don't feel the need to play with attention or focus needed to be consider a serious threat to be feared, hence it is easy to get a jump on them at the beginning of games. Even if the Lakers are ahead late in the game, opposing teams know they can always come back and win the game because they don't have the "Heart of a Champion."

Translation: This team is not hungry, despite all their "correct" words

Author: DrDent 
Posted: 11/24 5:35 AM 
They need this shrink to give them this speech...

"Losing is a disease; as contagious as polio..."

Author: Laker's Fan 
Posted: 11/24 5:45 AM 
We just don’t have the horses. We’re six players deep when healthy. Rolling with three and a half won’t win you many games.

Author: Laker_Town 
Posted: 11/24 6:01 AM 
Vogel is protesting by delibarately tanking the lineups. He knows he's getting fired but he's making sure he lets everyone know this is a poorly assembled team. One which he's already lost. They don't follow him

I don't think he makes it to all star break and wouldn't be surprised if we come back from the road trip

Author: MagicMamba88 
Posted: 11/24 6:10 AM 
Cranjis McBasketball
LA is going to continue focusing on and blaming defense for their lack of success but it’s the offense that’s more broken and holding them back.

Both matter, but put some more of that energy & some fresh ideas into offense and there’s a higher ceiling for this squad.

trying to understand why this coaching staff can't seem to grasp that still.

Lakers need to hire an actual OC that knows how to run a modern offense because David Fizdale is not that guy.

Author: TooMuchMajicBuss 
Posted: 11/24 6:17 AM 
Thanks DB. Missed this game and happy I did, unfortunately.

Defense and offense both matter, and we have neither right now.

Author: governator 
Posted: 11/24 12:10 PM 
Is it the coach?

Author: danzag 
Posted: 11/24 12:32 PM 
Sigh. This is so frustrating.
You can't wait til you're down 20+ to start playing serious basketball.

Author: PenG_ 
Posted: 11/24 1:12 PM 
People keep patting the Lakers on the back for "their fight", but come on. Imagine this squad winning 16 playoff games lol To Go | Thoughts and Ratings