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The Trade to Right the Wrongs of the 2021 Off-Season

The Trade to Right the Wrongs of the 2021 Off-Season 
Author: lakurluv 
Posted: 01/01 6:36 PM 
This is simple and works for all parties.
Three team trade proposal with Detroit, Lakers and Sacramento. Fills needs on all three teams.

Detroit Gets:
Westbrook and Jordan
Westbrook adds a vet leader at the PG spot moves Cunningham to the 2-Guard. Jordan provides adequate Center Size and Rim Protection. Cunningham will get more touches and quickly become the star he's meant to be for the Pistons.
Detroit will have leverage for their rebuild with Westbrooks contract and Jordan's one year deal.

Sacramento Gets:
Olynyk and Jackson are two serviceable players who add to the depth of the Kings and immediately improves their defense. This also frees up Mitchell to get more minutes/touches becoming the star for his team, he's destined to be.

Lakers Get:
Jeramie Grant, a defensive wing who could guard the opposing teams best player, play in a small ball lineup and also spread the floor and keep teams honest. Great player to build toward the Lakers future.

Buddy Heild was a player the lakers targeted and could possibly get in this trade scenario. He's the perfect compliment in a rotation that consist of LBJ and AD. Heild will keep teams honest, what he lacks in defense, he'll make up for by averaging 15pts per game.

Now is this realistic or not, who knows. No One Ever wants to help the Lakers win. But when you think of it, this season maybe a wash, this team could help us get to the playoffs though.

Once we get to the playoffs, it's truly a toss-up, I guarantee, no one wants to play us! To Go | Trade and Free Agency Discussion