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Rumor: Mike Conley to the Bucks, Sessions to Memphis

Rumor: Mike Conley to the Bucks, Sessions to Memphis 
Author: JUST-MING 
Posted: 01/23 9:05 AM 

It’s hardly a secret the Milwaukee Bucks have been working the phones to make a trade,

There have been continuous rumors forward Charlie Villanueva is being shopped and whispers about Michael Redd being dealt.

Backup guard Charlie Bell’s name has also been bandied about in trade talks and it is believed some teams have contacted the Bucks about the availability of veteran small forward Richard Jefferson.

The latest rumor to surface is the Bucks possibly trading backup point guard Ramon Sessions and forward Joe Alexander, who was the eighth overall selection in last June’s NBA draft, to the Memphis Grizzlies.

In return, the Bucks would obtain point guard Michael Conley Jr., who was the No. 4 overall selection in the 2007 draft.

The Bucks would also likely receive a future draft choice.

I’ve been told both teams have virtually agreed on the conditions of the trade and only Bucks owner Herb Kohl had to give his stamp of approval. Bucks general manager John Hammond, reached in North Carolina where he was on a scouting trip, said it was his policy not to comment on any trade speculation.

Author: Socks 
Posted: 01/23 9:22 AM 
So it hasn't actually happened yet, right?

Author: Texas_Pete 
Posted: 01/23 10:41 AM 
Bell would look nice in P&G...

Author: Jacko 
Posted: 01/23 12:13 PM 
too early for memphis to give up on Conley

Author: limchrc 
Posted: 01/23 2:50 PM 
Has this happened already? I haven't read any completed deals about this yet. Personally, I may want to give Conley some more chance... to prevent another Billups situation from happening again.

Author: oldschool32 
Posted: 01/23 4:50 PM 
Maybe the Bucks should have just drafted Jerryd Bayless instead

Honestly, Conley has been horrible.

Author: Socks 
Posted: 01/23 5:05 PM 
I'm not a Conley fan, don't think he'll develop into anything better than a nice backup at most. Alexander will probably be a nice solid backup too. Sessions is your potential starting PG for 10 years.

Trading Sessions would be stupid for the Bucks but right in line with their fine tradition of team management.

Author: angrypuppy 
Posted: 01/23 5:17 PM 
I'm not a Conley fan either. He was fortunate to be on Oden's college team, which allowed him to be showcased as Ohio State went deep in the tourney. Oden did a good job anchoring the team of D, but never had that many touches. I didn't know at the time if that was attributable to lingering effects of the broken wrist, or Conley simply not sharing the ball. One thing was certain, and that was post entry passing was not a big part of Conley's game. He's good enough to impress during workouts, and that was obviously enough to earn high lotto placement.

I doubt he'll be more of a backup. I am curious about his work ethic.

Author: kaoss128 
Posted: 01/23 7:03 PM 
I think Alexander will someday be a starter. He just needs more time. If theres anyone who comes close to working as hard as Kobe, its Joe.

Author: trmiv 
Posted: 01/23 7:31 PM 
Why would you make this trade if you're the Bucks?

Author: oldschool32 
Posted: 01/23 7:59 PM 
trmiv wrote:
Why would you make this trade if you're the Bucks?


Although he isn't showing much, I would have kept Yi or dealt him for another lotto pick, probably from G.S. before last summer's draft. They could have just rebuilt around:

Yi or Lotto pick(probably A.Randolph)
Jerryd Bayless
Whatever they can get from Redd(needs to be dealt)

Author: stojan 
Posted: 01/24 3:57 PM 
surprised no one rates the bucks as a good team.

imo at full strength they could compete with most of the elite eastern teams.

they match up quite well with the top 3 teams in the east player wise. not saying they could beat them in a series of 7, but i can bet you they would be the one team no one will wnat to face in the first round of playoffs because when the bucks are clicking they are right up there with the best, its just a shame that they are so incosistent and just ridiculously injury prone.

Author: Trip_aka_Ace 
Posted: 01/24 7:37 PM 
conley sucks

sessions > lowry and conley at this point

and the sad thing is this continues to bury sessions on the bench To Go | Trade and Free Agency Discussion