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slavavov wrote:
DancingBarry wrote:
slavavov wrote:
Blaming Westbrook for this loss is the proverbial low-hanging fruit, when in reality he only had one or two plays that contributed to the loss.

Before that, he was a significant reason why we maintained a lead for most of the game.

This was a team loss. To paraphrase Sum 41, they're all to blame.

You wanted Russ on the floor as much as possible this game. He was making a strong impact. But like I said previously, he makes some big, loud mistakes and that one was a gut punch at the wrong time.

Agreed, that missed layup was a gut punch. I get almost as frustrated as anyone at his missed layups/dunks and his extra turnovers. Four turnovers from him (or any high usage guard) is OK. Beyond that, it hurts the team.

Like you said, he made a strong impact, and I keep reminding myself that, more often than not, he makes a strong impact and that he's an overall asset, not an overall liability.

I'd love for us to have a third PG as insurance, whether it's Rondo (on his way out) or a back-to-form Collison so that on those nights when Westbrook is hurting us too much, we can sub him out for some of crunch time while still not piling every single bit of the playmaking workload on LeBron.
Maybe it was unrealistic to believe that two supposedly high Basketball IQ would be able to do basic plays at a high level like Kobe/Pau and LBJ/AD did in a very short time

With having Dwight or Lebron at the 5 being the most effective lineups during this game, why go away from something that had been very successful

It appears that Westbrook is missing layups, while LBJ isn’t. Maybe Westbrook needs to lower his MPG to be effective since his supreme athletic skills is a little lower - which allow him the ability to limit Bad Impact Plays like missing layups
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