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PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2021 1:05 pm    Post subject:

wolfpaclaker wrote:
Texas_Pete wrote:
yinoma2001 wrote:
Jordan, a -14 in 15 minutes. I mean...

I hate to pile on, but:
The Lakers had an offensive rating of 81.8 in 14 minutes with DeAndre Jordan on the floor last night.

They had an offensive rating of 134.3 in 34 minutes without him.

For the season, they’re ORTG is 97.7 with him on, 110.3 with him off.

The issue with that is it's not looking at defense. You start Melo, who is a huge reason the O rating is better with that second unit, your offense is better with that starting 5 but the defense has a lot of issues.

If Bron were willing to defend the 4 full time, and AD the 5, then we could maybe slide Baze up to 3 and start someone like Bradley. Would give us some defense. But at the same time, it does mean the Lakers revert to being "average" when it comes to size and sometimes even undersized, something they didn't like last year. Most likely we need a wing to start in there, so we need to decide between Ariza and Melo when Trevor is back.

There is no definite solution to this, in the sense you can not get a way where you address all things. You gain with one lineup, you lose another thing. To be honest, as limited as DAJ is, I don't think he in particular is the reason the Lakers are 1-2 instead of 3-0 or 2-1. DAJ's role is very simple.

We're also giving up 118 points a game, so unless our mentality is to become D'Antoni style, we're gonna need to play D. Our best O lineups have Melo in them. I don't trust Melo as a starter, defensively, on a game to game basis. I guess one could argue start Howard. I could get behind playing only Howard/DAJ, instead of both. And AD the rest of the minutes at the 5. Said so in preseason, this is going to be a debate within the Lakers fanbase all season.

Probably the lineup we would go with come playoffs is AD/Bron/Ariza upfront, or maybe THT if he shows some progress. Melo is a hell of a scorer/sniper at this stage, but I can't see him defend elite starters. And then, there's the whole AD doesn't want to play 5 full time thing, which depending on who you ask, may or may not be true.

Would help so much if DAJ/Westbrook stepped up their defensive intensity. When you play that big, you need to get some defensive stops and rebound, be physical. By playing too fast and high TOs we are not taking advantage of the size. Westbrook needs to slow down with the starters, and increase the pace with the 2nd unit, IMO.

I think with a bit more chemistry DAJ and Dwight will get their share of easy buckets and offense with them on the flour will flow a bit better. I think the mental issue you cause with good defense (and those easy buckets) for the opposing team are well worth it in spurts.

That 3p% won't stay at 53% though...
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2021 1:13 pm    Post subject:

It's been a hot minute DB. Nice to be reading your post game thread again. Hope all is well.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2021 2:48 pm    Post subject:

I'm looking for the standouts on the defensive end. A good to great defense enables us to thread water until we have the full crew on deck. Morant is an absolute special talent. Baze, maybe by design or not, kept giving the diminutive athletic stud a running start toward the basket. His moves at the rim are becoming legendary.

Reaves-I find myself appreciating Vogel having no hesitation playing this young man. He's not a kid. He's a growing young man who has innate sense of how to play the game.

Monk- played so well in the background. Played seamlessly, hit his shots, and has the tools to play defense if he approaches it with the same mindset that he has on the offensive end. He has the offensive bballIQ, a paradigm shift on the other end of the court would make him indispensable.

THT, Nunn, and the rest can't get back soon enough, but it's still evident to me this team has some real elements for success if/when we're healthy.

Appreciate the work DB...thank you!!!
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