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PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2022 10:26 am    Post subject:

DrDent wrote:
DancingBarry wrote:
A few points on the article above. Nurkic is straight up lurking and waiting to double AD if he goes to the post. Or he’s going to take away LeBron’s drive attempt if Hart decides not to leave the strong side shooter which would be AD. Maybe he doesn’t leave. But the fact that whatever LeBron decides in this scenario it will likely lead to a three pointer from two really bad shooters that the Blazers decided to leave open all night.

So, yes, Russ does factor in here. Without Russ on the floor, Nurkic is on AD, switching to LeBron maybe here. Then you’ve got more options. It’s easier to score on Nurkic for LeBron. AD probably gets to go single coverage in the post or draw help and we have an open shot for a better shooter.

If Ham is going to leave Russ out there, then have a plan. Russ spacing the floor is not a plan. Setting a screen, putting him in the dunker spot instead of the perimeter (LBJ found him earlier when Nurkic was in no man’s land when Russ was under the hoop) etc. Saying LeBron chucked because he was, what selfish? is not really looking at the underlying issue of how we got there and what would actually happen next on the sequence.

Agreed. Some of the comments made by the Blazers article author remind me of some of my business partners who just want to sound smarter than anyone else in the room by nit picking at one minor issue and blowing it up, meanwhile ignoring the pink elephant standing in the corner.

Co-sign, I know the type. Know-it-all hometown-homers looking for clicks
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A Mad Chinaman
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2022 10:36 am    Post subject:

mad55557777 wrote:
DancingBarry wrote:
Hanging from Rafters wrote:
What is becoming sadly evident at this point is that similar to Vogel, if we win a championship it will most likely be in-spite of Ham, not because of it.
I actually think he's way ahead of Vogel on a lot of things at this stage. While I didn't like the late-game chess battle, it's still only game three and I think there may be some politics that may need to play out. Not just with WB, but also with LeBron/ and how he and the rest of the team orchestrates the close to a game. Plus, I don't envy the hand that he was dealt.

At this stage of a season with a new coach, there is a lot of giving guys a shot to do something. Whether that's running the offense or a lot of times certain defensive assignments, sometimes they just throw guys out there to sink or swim...or give them enough rope to hang themselves. There's just so much roster turnover and new system stuff in the mix that it's a problem. But I probably do give Ham the L yesterday for that close, and that's okay right now. Everyone's learning and we should expect that with the complete overhaul.
if you give Vogel this roster, the defense will be elite too, we took away all his dogs last year. we had the best defense in the league (or close) in 2020-2021. Vogel's defense involves a lot of traps and switches which this current roster can handle. he would've trapped Dame late in the 4th.
i think Vogel to Ham is more of a parallel move at this point.
All great coaches start with having a great defense

Ham > Vogel because he has the support of Jeanie/Rob (see his contract when compared to Vogel) and the team (in terms of giving consistent energy). Vogel was obviously a backup choice and maximized his time with the Lakers by getting a ring

It currently appears that Ham has more authority, freedom and a better relationship with Westbrook. We will see how the season goes
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2022 10:41 am    Post subject:

Instead of thought and ratings, I read it as thoughts and prayers

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